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Virgin Filipino Couture

Enjoy the look of gorgeous, textured, Southeast Asian hair with our Filipino hair couture. With heritage that includes both Spanish and Asian, our Filipino hair will add an exotic flair to your already beautiful and exotic self!

Imported directly from the Philippines, this pure virgin hair is thick, durable and so fun to style! All eyes will be on you as you sport full-bodied hair, rich with dark hues.

Like all of our virgin hair, our pure virgin Filipino hair comes from healthy individuals. We don’t process our virgin hair with steam or harsh chemicals. This hair is truly haute couture because no one will have the same exact hair as you.

Ask your stylist to color it, perm it and relax it—whatever you want. Plus, make it truly yours by setting it in rollers, flat ironing it or curling it with a curling iron. Sass it up and have fun!


Color Range

In our Filipino hair couture line we offer mostly dark colors from dark brown to medium brown.


While it’s thicker than our other virgin hair, Filipino hair is still free flowing. The strands are dense—not as fine as virgin Indian hair. Silky to medium coarseness, extremely durable and easy-to-style and maintain.

We carefully match colors and textures, but please note that because each bundle of pure virgin hair is unique, colors and textures will vary.


You may find that pure virgin Brazilian, Filipino and Russian hair is more expensive than virgin Indian hair. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Pure virgin Brazilian, Filipino and Russian hair are more sought after and not as easy to find.
  2. Virgin Indian hair comes from donors who sacrificed their hair for religious reasons. In Brazil, the Philippines and Russia, the owners sell their hair for profit.
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