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Virgin Indian Couture

Do you want to feel gorgeous and chic wherever you are? Our Indian hair couture line can help you do just that.

Silky and free-flowing, our virgin Indian hair is pure virgin hair, not processed with steam or harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its nutrients. We leave the cuticles aligned, intact and unidirectional, which means all cuticles point in the same direction, preventing tangling and matting.

This hair 100-percent pure human hair, and truly haute couture because no one will have the same exact hair as you. Ask your stylist to color it, perm it or relax it—whatever you want. Make your hair truly your own and rock your own style!

Going for different looks? No problem. Set your hair in rollers, flat iron it, braid it, blow it out or curl it with a curling iron. Then voila! Your unique look.

This is some of the healthiest hair you will find, imported from the temples of India and donated by owners who sacrificed their hair for religious reasons.

Virgin Indian Curly
Unit Price: $105.00

Color Range

In India, hair color ranges from black and dark brown to medium and light brown. So at My Hair Couture, our virgin Indian hair ranges from dark brown to light brown.


The finest hair strand you can buy. Not as dense as the others, virgin Indian hair is lightweight and natural. It blends seamlessly with natural hair and has silky to light coarseness.

We carefully match colors and textures, but please note that because each bundle of pure virgin hair is unique, colors and textures will vary.


Virgin Indian hair is less expensive than pure virgin Brazilian, Filipino and Russian for two reasons:

  1. Pure virgin Brazilian, Filipino and Russian hair are more sought after and not as easy to find.
  2. Virgin Indian hair comes from donors who sacrificed their hair for religious reasons. In Brazil, the Philippines and Russia, the owners sell their hair for profit.
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